D. W. Bradley, acclaimed author of Wizardry: Heart of the Maelstrom, Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge and Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark Savant is developing new, fully 3D fantasy RPG that will pit players against against a host of monsters, leading to a confrontation with Cet Ude D'ua Khan, the Lord of Death. Stunning 3D graphics and customizable game play enhance the detailed story line.

Game Features

11 Character clans
15 character roles
8 attributes, 4 Physical / 4 Mental
Over 25 skills
Over 50 special character traits
10 spells from 6 different books of magic
Dozens of character portraits
Hundreds of costume pieces to mix and match
  • 6 character party
  • Adaptive time phasing - real time or turn based play ... or anywhere in between
  • 1st person viewpoint
  • 3D acceleration for enhanced graphics & performance (not required)
  • 12 complete adventure sections, including:
  • Ships, rafts, and horses to ride
  • 300 monsters from 75 species
  • Over 120 NPC's to interact with

f you have an affinity towards fantasy in the least, and possess a generous amount of free time, Wizards & Warriors awaits you at the local retailer: Go get it, you'll be doing yourself a favor.

-Jonathan Houghton, Adrenaline Vault, October 2000

With a solid showing in both the graphical and aureal departments, one must ask: how is the game itself? The answer is, damned entertaining.

-Phil Bordelon, GameVortex Communication, October


My summary so far? Go and buy the game if you like old school RPG's. Go and buy it if you don't know much about the older RPG's like Ultima Underworld or Bards Tale. Chances are that you will fall in love with Wizards & Warriors nevertheless. It's epic, it's fun, and it's a game many RPG fans will play over and over again.

-Rendelius, RPG Dot, October 2000

This is one of the best Computer Roleplaying games I have ever played.

- Dan Huling , The Iron Works, August 2000

The more you play Wizards and Warriors, the more you realize that D. W. Bradley had a crystal clear vision when he developed it. Loaded with clever nuances, new features and intuitive interface devices, this could be the RPG that manages to attract new players while respecting the demands of the genre's die-hard players.

-Phil Conrad, Well Rounded Entertainment, August 2000

Anyone that experienced Might & Magic and Wizardry in their heyday will feel fond memories when playing Wizards & Warriors. This game offers nostalgic experiences coupled with modern graphics and physics. With its vast array of spells, enemies, quests, dungeons, items and NPCs, Wizards & Warriors surely offers a staggeringly large game that will keep the player busy for a long, long time. In a day when thirty hour games are becoming standard for the same fifty American dollar price, a mammoth game like Wizards & Warriors may be a welcome change

-Mark "Kyote" Allman, RPG Planet, August 2000

Graphically, Wizards & Warriors won't disappoint, as all of the action is presented with killer 3D graphics that look similar to EverQuest. Expect to see all manner of interesting and varied locations, including swamps, castles, dungeons and everything in between. D.W. Bradley is known for creating entire worlds, not just a little kingdom, so the sights and sounds will be varied indeed.

- Chris Jensen, CheckOut.com, August 2000

Wizards & Warriors provides a refreshing break from the mundane 2D characters and poorly rendered 3D environments brought about by the last generation of PC RPGs. The engine was built from the ground up by Heuristic Park and does well with character animations and rendering.....the powerful spells, classic weaponry and stimulating NPC interaction combine to create a compelling role-playing experience that fans of the genre will not want to miss.

- Jonathan Houghton, Adrenaline Vault, August 2000

This will make many fans of the older CRPG's smile, because W&W's (interface) will be using the 1st person perspective such as Ultima Underworld, Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master - But, don't let that fool you; this isn't some simple game like those were, this is one of the most ambitious, and most detailed RPG to be released is many years. The Game Engine will sport 3D graphics, with 3D Acceleration, and a very simple, yet brilliant onscreen command structure, much like the older games such as Wizardry and Eye of the Beholder. But with more stats, and an even more detailed character depiction. The Land you will cover is unlike any seen in a CRPG, the hills, the forests, and dragons that actually FLY and attack you, not just sitting in front of you.. VERY nice!

- Dan Huling , Iron Works, August 2000

The game is said to offer well over 100 major quests, sub-quests and side quests. Most of these interweave with a second archetypal element, non-linear exploration of the expansive 3D gameworld, which includes a wide variety of locations such as forests, crypts, caves, castles and more, all viewed from a first-person perspective. The areas we've seen so far are well designed, with lots of twists, turns and corners to keep you always on guard against the possibility of unseen danger ahead. The game art is of high quality, and the environments are alive with little touches such as rats and roaches scurrying about the dungeons, with butterflies and fireflies in the outdoor areas.

- Richard Aihoshi, RPG Vault, August 2000

If thereís a feature of computer RPGs that you like, chances are itís in Wizards & Warriors. You get the huge number of race/class combinations and elaborate plot of the Wizardry games, the intense combat and looting action of the Might & Magic titles, the story and moral issues of the Ultima series, and the general faux-medieval sword & sorcery milieu of countless Dungeons & Dragons adventures. Bradley and his team have drawn on a lot of sources and it shows, in the richness and variety of the game world.

- Robert Mayer, Computer Games Online, June 2000

Wizards & Warriors is the game that lovers of RPGs have long awaited. It has made every effort to bring the depth, excitement and richness of tabletop RPGs to the computer screen. This is a complex, massive RPG (over 120 hours of gameplay) that I eagerly await.

- Lazerus, RPG Planet, April 2000

All in all we were very impressed with what we saw of Wizards & Warriors today ... It's really this attention to detail that caught our eye when D.W. was showing us the game, and we're expecting big things from the title. Wizards & Warriors is going to revive that old pen-and paper RPG feel on your computer, and we personally can't wait to get our hands on a build ... and don't expect any work to get done around here for at least a couple of weeks when we do. Of course we'll have to see how it all pans out when the game is finished sometime this fall, but with what we've seen of the game so far and with D.W. Bradley at the helm, we have no doubt that this one is going to be a winner.

- Tal Blevins, IGN, March 2000

... though the game will embrace the tenets of the classics, it looks entirely modern. Wizards and Warriors runs on its own proprietary 3D engine and looks excellent; the game's character and monster models seem large, detailed, and well animated. Though the game seems colorful, it's not bright enough to be gaudy or dull enough to be drab.

- Andrew Park, GameSpot, February 2000

For more information, screenshots and downloads, visit Activision's Official Wizards & Warriors site.
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